Med. Weter. 69 (5), 259-263, 2013

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Colussi A., Ożgo M., Herosimczyk A., Michałek K., Skrzypczak W.F.
Application of proteomic tools to identify changes in the protein composition of physiologically relevant fish tissues
Over the past ten years, proteomic tools have been extensively used in various studies aimed at a better understanding of fish biology and aquaculture. A variety of post-genomic techniques have been developed and adapted for protein profiling of complex biological samples, such as tissues. This review will discuss the applications of expression proteomics in fish health monitoring with regard to nutritional and environmental changes, as well as bacterial or viral infection, in selected tissues relevant to fish physiology, i.e.the kidney, brain, blood plasma, and liver.
Key words: fish, proteomic tools, tissue, proteome