Med. Weter. 69 (6), 348-352, 2013

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Wasiński B., Osek J.
New methods of meat species identification and detection of meat adulterations
Despite the permanent development of laboratory techniques, various types of adulterations are still a problem in the food industry. An important group among different frauds is adulterations connected with meat species authenticity. Uncovering of adulterated meat products is important inter alia for allergic individuals, for those who can’t intake certain species because of religious beliefs, and for maintaining fair-trade. More subtle techniques used for the mentioned adulterations generate a need for the elaboration of better analytical methods to provide effective control of meat and meat products. The aim of this review is to present currently used laboratory methods applied for meat species identification and detection of adulterations in the declared composition of meat products. The first group of the described methods enables identification and analysis of proteins and the second presented group contains techniques of DNA analysis. Apart from their short characteristics, some disadvantages and potential problems found during work with certain methods are described.
Key words: adulterations, meat, meat products, species determination