Med. Weter. 69 (10), 579-584, 2013

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Larski Z.
Some new date concerning virilogy and immunology
Two new emerging epidemic coronaviruses probably orginated from bats. Vaccinia virus JX-594 given intrahepatic demonstrated oncolytic and immunoterapeutic complementary mechanisms of action in individuals with liver cancer. Interferon-ε is expressed exclusively by epithelial cells of female reproductive tract. It is hormonally regulated and protects againts sexually transmittef pathogens. Treg cells of thymic and extrathymic origin have distinct functions in immune homeostasis. The extrathymically generated cells control mucosal TH2 inflammation. Succesful trials to treat autoimmune diseases by deliberate infecting people with helminths. New hypothesis conderning the mechanism of resistance to more durable cancer immune-cell therapies. Tissuse-specific Tregs with TCRs recognizing specific self antigens inhibit tumor-specific immune responses.
Key words: coronaviruses, viral oncolysis, interferon-epsylon, TH2, inflammation, helmints, cancer immunity.