Med. Weter. 69 (11), 670-673, 2013

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Chmiel M., Słowiński M.
Application of video image analysis in meat technology
In recent years, video image analysis (VIA) has found an increasing range of applications in the food industry, including the meat industry. The main advantages of image analysis are objectivity, speed, repeatability, non-invasiveness, and the potential to be used on-line. These advantages make VIA an attractive alternative to the previously used traditional, often labor- and time-consuming, and subjective methods of quality assessment. This paper presents image analysis systems, such as VBS 2000, VIAscan®, BCC-2 and Normaclass MAC-2, used in industrial practice for the post-slaughter grading of large animal carcasses in the EUROP system. The paper also discusses the possibility of using this method to estimate the fat content in pork trimmings and turkey tight meat, to evaluate the pH level in meat, and to detect quality defects in pork and beef .
Key words: video image analysis, meat, meat quality