Med. Weter. 69 (12), 744-748, 2013

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Bąk B., Wilde J., Siuda M.
Efficiency of Varroa destructor management with medications used in Poland
Despite a wide choice of methods for V. destructor control, beekeepers are still uncertain as to which one is the most effective. Does one anti-Varroa procedure a year suffice or is it better to strike the population of mites several times during the season? Or perhaps is it better to treat bee colonies relying on essential oils and organic acids? The aim of the assay was to show which method for V. destructor management is most effective. The results of the investigations show that the applied treatment pattern significantly af-fects the efficiency of Varroa destructor management and the degree of bees’ infestation in spring. The best way to control Varroa destructor was determined to be integrated anti-Varroa treatment. .
Key words: Varroa control, integrated parasite management, amitraz, flumethrin, thymol formic acid, oxalic acid