Med. Weter. 69 (12), 712-715, 2013

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Chobotow J., Strachecka A.
Morphology and function of insect fat bodies taking into account Apis mellifera L. honey bees
Insect fat body is a specific tissue, the role of which is not limited to the storage of energy resources in the form of fat and glycogen. It is also a site in the body where numerous metabolic processes occur. Moreover, it plays a role in detoxification, as well as being a precursor of the synthesis of egg yolk. The fat body is also responsible for magnetoreception and the immune response. It is a heterogeneous structure and exhibits regional differences that can be distinguished morphologically. Its functions can vary at different stages of the insect life..
Key words: fat body, bees, insects, trophocytes, oenocytes.