Med. Weter. 70 (4), 232-236, 2014

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Bilska A., Kowalski R., Kalinowska A.
Changes of the lipids fraction in liver sausage with the addition of oil
The aim of the study was to verify whether a substitution of a portion of animal fat with rapeseed oil and an addition of a mixture of lactic acid and sodium lactate would affect storage changes in the fat fraction of liver sausage. Attributes characterizing quantitative changes in oxidation products and lipid hydrolysis products in the experimental sausages included peroxide value, acid number and secondary fat degradation products as determined by the TBARS test. Changes in pH value were also analyzed. In samples with the addition of 6% of rapeseed oil and an addition of a mixture of sodium lactate and lactic acid, a statistically significantly lower value of acid number, secondary products of fat degradation determined by the TBARS test as well as a slowing down of oxidative changes in comparison to the control were observed. Moreover, the sample with an addition of a mixture of sodium (1.2%) and lactic acid (0.3%) was characterized statistically by a significantly slower increase pH value in comparison to the others samples.
Key words: liver sausage, liver pate, acid number, peroxide value, TBARS