Med. Weter. 70 (4), 214-218, 2014

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Smoczyński M.
Structural aspects of the milk fat globule membrane
One of the main functions of milk fat globules is to transport triglycerides, which are a source of energy and essential fatty acids. The milk fat globule has a very complex structure. It contains many proteins and phospholipids with a documented biological role. From the nutritional point of view,, however, it is not only the content of bioactive substances that is important., but also the specific structure in which they appear in the food matrix. Hence, the purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the complexity of milk fat globules by discussing some aspects of the formation of cytoplasmic lipid droplets and of their secretion outside the cell, leading to the formation of the final, native structure of the globule.
Key words: milk fat globule, membrane structure, milk lipids, cytoplasmic lipid droplets