Med. Weter. 70 (12), 786-790, 2014

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Chorbiński P., Liszewski M.
Effect of copper and manganese foliar supplementation on selected properties of buckwheat nectar and yield
The aim of the study was to determine whether it is possible to increase the amount of nectar produced by buckwheat through a proper nutrition of plants with nitrogen and through foliar feeding with micronutrients (copper and manganese), and thus to increase the yield. The field experiment was set up by the random block method with the “Kora” cultivar of buckwheat. In the experiment, three variants of foliar fertilization (Cu, Mn) were tested in combination with two levels of nitrogen fertilization (20 and 40 kg N/ha). No significant effect of the variant of fertilization was observed on the amount of nectar, the concentration of sugars, and the sugar yield of buckwheat per 10 flowers. Similarly, no significant differences were noted between the variant of fertilization and the mean values of yield components, such as the number of fertilized flowers, the number of kernels per plant and the weight of 1000 kernels.
Key words: buckwheat, weight of sugar, foliar fertilization, copper, manganese