Med. Weter. 71 (4), 219-223, 2015

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Chen L., Yin Y.P., Wu C.C., Jiang S., Fan H.G., Lu D.Z.
Anesthesia with intraperitoneal tiletamine/zolazepam, xylazine, and tramadol in mice
A safe and reliable method for anesthetizing mice is very important for biomedical researches. The goals of this research were to find a safe intraperitoneal injection anesthesia protocol for mice surgery coupled with quickly recovery. This study was carried out to compare the anesthesia effect of a combination of tiletamine/zolazepam-xylazine-tramadol (TZXT) and tiletamine/zolazepam-xylazine (TZX) in mice, and the TZXT protocol plus atipamezole given 30 min later to reverse xylazine (TZXTA). 60 mice were immobilized by TZX, TZXT, and TZXTA on three different occasions. Immobilization and analgesia scores of the mice and baseline physiological parameters (heart rate and respiratory rate) were determined. All 3 combinations effectively induced anesthesia, and mice became lateral recumbency within 5 min. The changes in physiological parameters after administration of the drug combinations remained within biologically acceptable limits. While both TZX and TZXT appeared to be effective intraperitoneal anesthetic combinations, TZXT provided significantly better analgesia with a longer duration than TZX. Atipamezole administration provided effective antagonism and no adverse effects were observed in this study.
Key words: tiletamine/zolazepam, xylazine, atipamezole, mice