Med. Weter. 71 (12), 731-735, 2015

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Sokół I., Bobrek K., Tokarzewski S., Gaweł A.
Candidiasis in poultry
Candidiasis in poultry is a disease of the digestive tract caused by Candida fungi. The disease generally affects the upper digestive tract and usually occurs as a secondary infection. The clinical signs are non-specific, and include listlessness, in appetence, retarded growth and ruffled feathers. The signs may be masked by the clinical signs of primary viral and bacterial diseases. The affected mucosa is often diffusely or focally thickened with white to grey pseudomembranous or diphtheric patches and ulcers. In many studies the effectiveness of enilkonazol, nystatin, fluconazole, ketoconasole and copper sulphate for preventing and treatment of candidiasis was confirmed.
Key words: candidiasis, moniliasis, poultry, C. albicans