Med. Weter. 72 (1), 1-80, 2016


Prospects for the use of molecular methods in the diagnosis of parvovirus type 2 (CPV-2) in representatives of the Canidae family Kowalczyk M.,
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[ summary] 7
Molecular methods for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes in foodLachtara B., Wieczorek K., Osek J. [ summary] 12
Molecular methods used in the diagnosis of Mycoplasma synoviae infection in poultry Kursa O., Tomczyk G., Sawicka A., Minta Z. [ summary] 18
LAMP – a method of isothermal DNA amplification Łoś A., Kadhim M. J., Olszewski K. [ summary] 22


PCR and ELISA for staphylococcal enterotoxins and detection of some exotoxins from Staphylococcus spp. strains by PCR Kahya S., Guran H. S.,
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[ summary] 28
Association between GGA1 gene polymorphisms and occurrence of mammary mixed tumours and aging in domestic bitches Kranc W.,
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[ summary] 34
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[ summary] 41
Analysis of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAP2K2) gene polymorphisms in relation to the occurrence of adenocarcinoma during aging in dogs
Kempisty B., Zaorska K., Bukowska D., Nowak M., Wojtanowicz-Markiewicz K., Porowski S., Ociepa E., Antosik P., Brüssow K.-P., Bruska M.,
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[ summary] 46
Expression and cellular distribution of estrogen-related receptor beta gamma (ERR beta gamma), estrogen-related receptor gamma
(ERR gamma) and progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1) in immature porcine oocytes: confocal microscopy approach

Kempisty B., Piotrowska H., Kranc W., Ziółkowska A., Ciesiółka S., Jeseta M., Bukowska D., Antosik P., Jopek K., Brüssow K.-P., Bruska M., Nowicki M.,
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[ summary] 53
Differential effects of progesterone, estradiol-17β, oxytocin, arachidonic acid, forskolin and cAMP on steroid output by the porcine uterus during
implantation and placentation
Skowronska A., Eliszewski M., Młotkowska P., Skowronski M. T. [ summary] 58
Association between body weight and age of dogs and global DNA methylation Gryzińska M., Jakubczak A., Listos P., Dudko P., Abramowicz K.,
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[ summary] 64
Expression and distribution of zona pellucida proteins 3 and 4 in morphologically abnormal canine oocytes: a confocal microscopic
observation-based study
Bukowska D., Kempisty B., Ziółkowska A., Piotrowska H., Woźna M., Ciesiółka S., Chachuła A., Antosik P.,
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[ summary] 68
Polymorphism of the PrP prion protein gene in Polish Merino and Berrichone du Cher sheep Niżnikowski R., Oprządek A., Czub G., Świątek M.,
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[ summary] 75