Med. Weter. 72 (4), 222-225, 2016

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Maj-Paluch J., Reichert M.
Characterization and diagnosis of infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN) virus in salmonid fish
The IPN virus belongs to the Birnaviridae family, Aquabirnavirus genus. It is an enveloped, two-segment, double-stranded RNA virus. Segment A comprises two open reading frames. ORF 1 encodes VP5 protein, whereas ORF 2 encodes VP2, NS and VP3 proteins. Segment B comprises one open reading frame, which encodes VP1 protein. The VP2 gene is responsible for the virulence of the virus. The Aquabirnavirus genus is divided into two serogroups: A and B. There are 9 serotypes in serogroup A, including serotypes occurring in Europe. Serogroup B consists of one serotype. The virus grows in several cell lines and often occurs in dual infections, inhibiting the replication of other viruses. Diagnosis is based on the isolation of the virus in cell lines, serological methods and, above all, techniques of molecular biology.
Key words: Birnaviridae, Aquabirnavirus, serogroup, serotype