Med. Weter. 72 (4), 217-221, 2016

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Bieńko M., Lis A., Wolski D., Radzki R.P.
Relationships between bone tissue and fat tissue
Despite its apparent stability, bone tissue is an extremely dynamic structure, responding to diverse and multidirectional interactions by changes in its metabolism. Adipose tissue is no longer seen as a mere store of energy reserves for the organism, but is also recognized as an important endocrine organ. There are several relationships between the two types of tissue, which result from the influence of fat tissue on bone tissue. This influence is expressed through a direct influence of adipokines on bone metabolism and through indirect effects and regulatory impact of adipose tissue on other hormones associated with the metabolism of bone tissue. Osteotropic effects of adipose tissue also result from mechanical load on the skeleton. The aim of this paper was to present the mechanisms of mutual interactions between adipose tissue and bone tissue. The authors also tried to answer the question of whether obesity promotes the development of osteoporosis or whether it is a protective factor for the skeletal system.
Key words: fat tissue, bone tissue, osteoporosis, obesity, adipokines.