Med. Weter. 72 (4), 269-272, 2016

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Monika Nowakowska-Zamachowska, Magdalena Pieszka, Marek Pieszka, Tadeusz Borowicz
Zygmunt Ewy - a veterinarian, creator of polish animal physiology
The present article is an attempt to summarize the biography and scientific achievements of outstanding Polish scientist, a veterinarian and cynologist, Professor Zygmunt Ewy (1913-1994). Professor Ewy was born and raised in Galicia, in a landowning family. From the beginning of his scientific work, the areas of his interests included the subject related the role of the nervous and endocrine systems in the lactation, the impact of endocrine system on reproductive functions in animals, as well as the study of hypothalamic-pituitary axis in birds. Professor showed the correlation between the iodine content in the water and its content in milk, and proved the existence of similar mechanism of iodine uptake in humans and animals. Professor Ewy was the author of over 150 scientific publications, several books and a member of numerous scientific societies. Thanks to its remarkable achievements. Professor Ewy became known as ‘the creator of the Polish school of animal endocrinology’.
Key words: animal physiology, endocrinology, iodine monitoring, thyroid gland.