Med. Weter. 72 (5), 312-316, 2016

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Ewa Chmurzyńska, Mirosław Różycki, Ewa Bilska-Zając, Jacek Karamon, Tomasz Cencek
Results of proficiency testing (PT) for Trichinella in 2014
The aim of this article is to present and analyze the obtained PT results for the last year (i.e. 2014). The material for PT was the properly minced pork meat (or horse meat for horse slaughterhouses) spiked with Trichinella larvae. Live Trichinella larvae were obtained during the digestion process. Meat samples weighting 50 g were spiked under microscopic control with a known number of larvae preserved with gelatin gels of the appropriate concentration. In 2014 over 250 laboratories routinely examining pig meat took part in PT. On the level of 5 larvae 4 laboratories obtained doubtful results and were 9 + inconsistent in quantitative analysis. The average value of the z-scores was 0.84. The qualitative assessment of PT results on the level of contamination 3, 5 larvae and negative (blank) samples showed 21, 9 and 4 of unsatisfactory results. At the limit of detection – 1 larva per sample – positive results were obtained by 87.8% of laboratories. In the same year 14 laboratories testing horse meat participated in PT – all of them obtained consistent results. The average value of the z-score was 0.88. In a study in 2014 257 laboratories participated. This is comparable to the number of participants relative to the years 2012 and 2013. The quantitative assessment average z-score was 0.84 and it was lower than in previous years (which means better). The percentage of consistent results in qualitative research in previous years (2009–2011) was a bit higher and ranged from 91.6% to almost 95%. In 2014 the quality of PT has not deteriorated compared to previous years despite a three times smaller number of larvae in samples. It should be emphasized that the organization of the PT scheme permitted additionally assessing the laboratories by examination of the samples at the limit of detection of the method.
Key words: Trichinella, proficiency testing (PT), magnetic stirrer method