Med. Weter. 73 (2), 104-110, 2017

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Rafał Ciaputa, Janusz Madej, Patryk Łagodzki, Joanna Pakuła*, Małgorzata Kandefer-Gola, Izabela Janus, Stanisław Dzimira, Marcin Nowak
Prevalence of tumors in domestic and exotic animals in Lower Silesia between 2012 and 2013
The aim of the study was to analyze the frequency and location of tumors in domestic as well as exotic animals in Lower Silesia. The research material consisted of 4174 cases of malignancies from dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals taken at the time of surgery or biopsy sections. The largest group consisted of tumors of dogs – 3519 cases (84.31%), followed by cat – 498 cases (11.93%), ferrets – 27 cases (0.65%), rats – 24 cases (0.57%), horses – 12 cases (0.28%), rabbits – 21 cases (0.5%), guinea pigs, 21 (0.5%). The average annual number of tests performed (2087 cases per year) may suggest an increased awareness of the need for veterinarians’ testing for histopathology, whose purpose is to determine the prognosis of their patients, as well as the further proceedings. Tumors were divided into 6 histological types. The largest group were malignant epithelial and mesenchymal. It can be concluded that in domestic animals cancer most often occurs in carnivores, 60% of the cases considered as malignant tumors, and 40% benign (dogs), and correspondingly in cats (76% and 24%) equally in both sexes in dogs and 20% prevalence of disease in male cats. In contrast, among the 146 reported cases referred to by us as exotic, cancer accounted for 59.6% and 40.4% benign.
Key words: domestic animals, tumors, Lower Silesia, Poland