Med. Weter. 73 (2), 88-91, 2017

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Krzysztof Lis, Krzysztof Lehrich, Łukasz Mucha, Zbigniew Nawrat
Concept of application of the light-weight robot Robin Heart (“Pelikan”) in veterinary medicine: a feasibility study
Currently, there is a great interest in the use of minimally invasive surgery methods. Such surgeries require special instrumentation. Doctors increasingly use medical robots that replace assistants responsible for setting the position and orientation of the endoscope (vision), as well as make it possible to control surgical instruments. One of very promising fields of expansion of this technology is veterinary medicine. This article presents a review of literature on animal laparoscopic surgery with the use of medical robots. Particular attention was paid to animal experiments involving the Robin Heart family robots. Moreover, the article presents the construction and principle of operation of the smallest manipulator of the Robin Heart family, as well as describes preliminary simulations of surgery with the use of this robot. In the conclusion, possible directions for further improvement and implementation of the Robin Heart robot have been formulated.
Key words: Robin Heart Pelikan, robots in veterinary medicine, laparoscopic robot, camera-holding robotic device