Med. Weter. 73 (3), 180-182, 2017

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Małgorzata Mazur, Zbigniew Sieradzki, Beata Król, Krzysztof Kwiatek
Occurrence of genetically modified rape in feedingstuffs
European Union law enforces labeling of products containing above 0.9% of GMO. The aim of this study was detection and quantification of genetically modified rape in feedingstuffs. Both the qualitative and quantitative analysis was based on Real Time PCR method. Amongst 432 examined samples of feed, 56 contained GM rape line GT73. Only in 8 of them did the content of GM rape exceed 0.9%. The source of GT73 rape contamination was rapeseed meal imported to Poland from the eastern countries, mainly Ukraine, which was confirmed in shipping documents attached to the samples. The efficient monitoring of GMO, especially for rape, is very important, because of the high possibility of contamination of traditional crops with GM varieties
Key words: Feed, Genetically modified rape, detection and quantification, real-time PCR