Med. Weter. 73 (6), 366-369, 2017

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Jerzy Ziętek, Leszek Guz, Kinga Panasiuk, Stanisław Winiarczyk, Łukasz Adaszek
New intravital method for hemolymph collection from Cornu aspersum snails and the establishment of standards for selected biochemical parameters of their hemolymph
The aim of the study was to develop an intravital method of collecting hemolymph and to establish standards for the biochemical parameters of the hemolymph of the Cornu aspersum snail species. The research material consisted of 80 Cornu aspersum maxima snails. Hemolymph was collected from the main vessel with a sterile syringe and needle after removing a fragment of the shell. Hemolymph was studied biochemically by the colorimetric method. The parameters evaluated were aspartate transaminase (AST), alanine transaminase (ALT), amylase (AMYL), urea (UREA), and triglycerides (TG). An average of 0.54 ml hemolymph was collected from the animals tested. After 24 hours, a film formed in place of the removed shell fragment and it underwent mineralization within a few days. All animals included in the study survived, and from some of them it was possible to collect hemolymph several times at intervals of several days. The proposed method of hemolymph collection made it possible to obtain material to develop standards for the biochemical parameters of hemolymph and consequently to monitor the health status of these mollusks.
Key words: hemolymph, snails, Cornu aspersum, AST, ALT, AMYL, UREA, TG