Med. Weter. 75 (5), 287-292, 2019

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Myxomatosis, a continually dangerous viral disease of rabbits: current state of knowledge
Myxomatosis is a highly infectious viral disease of rabbits. Myxoma virus (MYXV) is not pathogenic to other animal species except for rabbits and hares. In Poland, outbreaks of myxomatosis mainly occur on small-scale size rabbit farms in which specific immunoprophylaxis is not carried out. A typical nodular form of the disease is characterized by swelling and large myxomas over the whole body as well as by lung infection which is associated with atypical myxomatosis. However, differences in the virulence of MYXV strains are observed. They arise from a better adaptation of the virus to the rabbit host and they may also be related to the modulation of cellular response by infected animals. In fact, the changes observed in the MYXV genome do not result in the emergence of other novel virus strains than those currently circulating in the rabbit population. In addition, all previously detected strains are characterized by high phylogenetic relatedness..
Key words: Myxomatosis, myxoma virus, rabbits