Medycyna Wet. 55 (4), 213-276, 1999


Escherichia coli O157 – a dangerous pathogen with a broad spectrum of illnesses Osek J. [digitized ] 215
Probiotics in animal production Grela E. R., Semeniuk W. [digitized ] 222
Aluminium – its ecological role and toxicity for animals Gromysz-Kałkowska K., Szubartowska E. [digitized ] 229
The role of rats from the epidemiological point of view Wincewicz E., Klimentowski S., Jopek Z., Śmielewska-Łoś E., Szarycz M. [digitized ] 234
The molecular aspect of Feline leukemia Mizak B., Sawicki R., Rzeżutka A. [digitized ] 239


An evaluation of veterinary inspection of slaughtered animals and meat in Poland between 1987-1997 Lis H. [digitized ] 243
The effectiveness of the use certain Polish probiotical feed additives in rearing piglets Siuta A., Migdał W. [digitized ] 247
The results of serological monitoring for Aujeszky’s disease in pigs Pejsak Z., Mokrzycka A., Lipowski A. [digitized ] 251
Prevalence of Toxocara canis in foxes and contamination of farm environments with this nematode’s eggs Gundłach J.L., Sadzikowski A.B.,
Tomczuk K.
[digitized ] 255
The dependence between concentrations of zinc, copper, and calcium in blood serum and the characteristics of stallion semen Danek J.,
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[digitized ] 259
The influence of capsules in phagocytosis and survival of staphylococci within PMN granulocytes isolated from bovine blood Królikowska K.,
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[digitized ] 265
Changes in the ultrastructure of egg shell layers infected by colibacillosis Malec H., Borzemska W., Niedziółka J. [digitized ] 268