Medycyna Wet. 55 (3), 145-212, 1999


Welfare of animals and criteria of its evaluation Kołacz R., Bodak E. [digitized]
Coypu (Myocastor coypus) as a potential source of Trichinella spiralis invasion Scheuring W. [digitized]
The influence of the quantity and quality of semen and insemination techniques on results of pregnancies in cows .. Jaśkowski J. M., Szenfeld J. [digitized]
Contemporary opinions on the growth and selection of ovarion follicles in ruminants Schwarz T., Zięba D. [digitized]
The use of some aromatic oils in the control of honey-bee diseases Muszyńska J. [digitized]


The rate of occurrence and level of growth hormones in food products of animal origin Pietrzak-Fiećko R., Smoczyński S. S., Skibniewska K. A. [digitized]
Eggshell surface ultrastructure in chicken colibacillosis Malec H., Borzemska W., Niedziółka J. [digitized]
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Antigenic characterization of Polish SVDV isolates Niedbalski W., Kęsy A., Brocchi E., Borrego B., Malicki K. [digitized]
Haemolymph lysozyme activity in worker bees (Apis mellifera) in colonies infested by Varroa jacobsoni and exposed to levamisole Sokół R. [digitized]
The effect of Neguvon on phagocytic capacity and number of thrombocytes in carp Stosik M., Deptuła W., Sobczak E. [digitized]
Histological evaluation of the periapical tissues in single-rooted teeth after root canal treatment Gawor J. [digitized]
Synthesis of Vitamin C in turkeys Nagórna-Stasiak B., Lechowski J., Kowalczyk M. [digitized]
The effect of smoking and selected functional additives on nitrozamine contents in pork Rywotycki R. [digitized]