Medycyna Wet. 56 (11), 685-756, 2000


Wild animals as reservoirs of Brucella Szulowski K., Pilaszek J. [digitized ] 687
Escherichia coli strains causing infections in poultry Osek J. [digitized ] 691
Effect of melanin biosynthesis on the coat colour of animals Wierzbicki H. [digitized ] 695
The status of uterus conditions and fertility problems in mares Kusy R., Szczubiał M., Wawron W. [digitized ] 700
The influence of hormonal interference on pregnancy ratein recipient cows Jaśkowski J. M., Urbaniak K. [digitized ] 705
The role of udder disinfection and sanitizer types Malinowski E. [digitized ] 709


Residues of chlorinated carbohydrates in animal and human milk Pietrzak-Fiećko R., Tomczyński R., Smoczyński S. S. [digitized ] 715
Surgical treatment of lens dislocation in dogs Kiełbowicz Z. [digitized ] 718
Protozoa from Eimeria genus in wild animals in Poland Balicka-Ramisz A., Ramisz A., Pilarczyk B., Cisek A. [digitized ] 723
Application of PCR and restriction fragments length polymorphisms (PCR/RFLP) for differentiating bovine herpes virus type 1 (BHV-1) Salwa A.,
Burkiewicz A., Anusz K.
[digitized ] 725
Evaluation of Electrocardiograms on Polish Ponies Pasławska U., Jaworski Z., Smolira M., Mrozowski T., Głazowska L., Jurusz M., Morawiecki A. [digitized ] 730
The level of cadmium, lead and mercury in the liver of cormorants Fabczak J., Szarek J., Markiewicz K. [digitized ] 734
The relationships between progesterone, estradiol and prostaglandins E1, E2 levels in blood serum and body temperature of cows and heifers
during early pregnancy
Gil Z., Szarek J., Żychlińska J. [digitized ] 738
The temperature influence on the efficacy of anti-Varroa jacobsoni fumigant drugs Romaniuk K. [digitized ] 741
The influence of selected factors on the physical condition of cows bred on individual farms Borkowska D. [digitized ] 743
Hypocholesterolemic effect of fat feed in the diets of growing pigs Barowicz T., Brzóska F., Pietras M. [digitized ] 746