Medycyna Wet. 56 (10), 613-684, 2000


Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice into drug production for animal use by Biowet-Pulawy Piaseczna-Kapyś A. [digitized ] 621
Activities of the Quality Control Department in light of GMP requirements, with special reference to good practice in control laboratory (GPCL)
Pietrak M.
[digitized ] 625
Properties, effects of insufficient supply and ranges of application of vitamin C in animal therapy Madej E., Grzęda M. [digitized ] 627
Varroacidal preparations produced by Biowet-Pulawy Grzęda T., Oleksiak L, Łaskarzewska J. [digitized ] 632
Immuno-suppressive and immuno-toxic action of contaminated honey bee products on consumers Gliński Z. [digitized ] 634
Apoptosis of gametogenic cells during spermatogenesis Gączarzewicz D., Udała J., Błaszczyk B. [digitized ] 639


The replication of canine parvovirus in cells cultured on microcarriers Borowski A., Kimak I. [digitized ] 645
Assessment of the susceptibility of dermatophytes to antifungal drugs by cylinder agar dilution method Wawrzkiewicz K., Ziółkowska G.,
Sadzikowski Z.
[digitized ] 648
Determination of Suiferrin – paste effectiveness in preventing anemia in piglets Madej E., Ziegler J., Blamowska M. [digitized ] 653
Clinical evalution of Bioviketozin preparation effectiveness in the treatment of subclinical and clinical ketosis in cows Filar J., Czerwińska E.,
Marczuk J.
[digitized ] 657
The value of Polish ELISA kit for serological diagnosis of cattle infected with BLV Rułka J., Lis M., Buzała E. [digitized ] 660
The efficiency of Apifos against varroatosis in bees Romaniuk K., Witkiewicz W. [digitized ] 665
The influence of V. jacobsoni infestation on occurrence and course of sacbrood disease Jędruszuk A. [digitized ] 667
The changes in udder size of red & white breed cows in first and third lactation Pawlina E., Kruszyński W., Kuczaj M. [digitized ] 672
Antibiotic-sensitivity of bacteria isolated from cases of bovine mastitis Wawron W., Szczubiał M., Piech T., Krzyżanowski J., Wrona Z.,
Krakowski L.
[digitized ] 675