Medycyna Wet. 56 (9), 541-612, 2000


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Escherichia coli as a cause of intestinal infections in dogs and cats Osek J. [digitized ] 547
Gastric neoplasms of dogs Rouibah K. et al. [digitized ] 552
Lathyrism in people and animals Grela E. R. et al. [digitized ] 558
Identifying irradiated foodstuffs of animal origin Rachubik J. [digitized ] 563
Disease resistance mechanisms of vascular plants Gliński Z. et al. [digitized ] 567


The results of serological examinations of stallions for Equine Arteritis Virus antibodies Golnik W. [digitized ] 573
Efficacy of superovulation in cows with respect to time of prostaglandin application Jaśkowski J. M. et al. [digitized ] 576
Evaluation of the relationship between humoral immunological response against ... Flisiak R. et al. [digitized ] 579
Effect of some non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on canine gastric mucosa Nicpoń J. et al. [digitized ] 582
Mineral components in the blood serum and bone tissue of tail vertebrae in Polish Meryno Klata W. et al. [digitized ] 586
The level of copper in horses blood sera and hair Cieśla A. et al. [[digitized ] 589
Influence of water polluted with herbicide Roundap on the organism of fish Sopińska A. et al. [digitized ] 593
Some indicators of immune response of carps after immunization with antigens of Aeromonas Kozińska A. [digitized ] 598