Medycyna Wet. 56 (1), 1-72, 2000


Some new data concerning virology Larski Z. [digitized ] 5
Pathogenesis of prion diseases Deptuła W., Pawlikowska M. [digitized ] 11
roperties and action of toxins A and B of Clostridium difficile Cygan Z., Cygan W. [digitized ] 15
The contribution of connective tissue stroma in the formation of a pathomorphological picture of the neoplastic proliferation Madej J.A. [digitized ] 18
Selected issues of infectious diseases in ostrich (Struthio camelus) Wieliczko A., Kuczkowski M. [digitized ] 23
Transfer of bovine embryos in Poland – scale and efficiency of the method Jaśkowski J. M. [digitized ] 29


Ashworthiosis – new parasitosis of wild ruminants Dróżdż J., Demiaszkiewicz A.W., Lachowicz J. [digitized ] 32
The dynamics of small strongyles (Cyathostominae) invasion in horses during an annual cycle Betlejewska K. [digitized ] 36
The role of infection with anaerobes C. novyi in sudden deaths of pigs Pejsak Z., Cygan Z., Buczek J. [digitized ] 39
Detection of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) in sick animals Fitzner A., Kęsy A., Niedbalski W., Paprocka G. [digitized ] 43
Characteristics of some properties of E. coli isolates from canine pyometra Wernicki A., Krzyżanowski J., Puchalski A., Kowalczyk D. [digitized ] 49
The antagonistic activity of lactic acid bacteria against selected bacteria Kot B., Jakubczak A., Bukowski K. [digitized ] 53
The effects of excessive supply of iron to rabbits with respect to the content of glycosaminoglycans in their livers Aleksiewicz R.,
Maciejewska-Paszek I., Skiba M., Wardas M., Stec M.
[digitized ] 58