Med. Weter. 74 (10), 626-633, 2018

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OvSynch program, its modifications and alternative hormonal programs in cow reproduction
The OvSynch program was formulated over 20 years ago (it consists in administering gonadoliberin on the day of starting the procedure, then injecting prostaglandin 7 days after the GnRH initial injection, and administration of GnRH two days after applying PGF2α. The procedure ends in the insemination of a female 16–20 hours after administering the final dose of the hormone) and it is commonly applied in cow reproduction management protocols. It has evolved into numerous modifications which has boosted its effectiveness. They have consisted in replacing GnRH with hCG or pLH, diversifying the time of the final injection of GnRH, which follows the prostaglandin injection, and postponing insemination after the final GnRH dose, as well as changing the dosage of the aforementioned hormones. To expedite the Ovsynch protocol, so-called PreSynch was used, which involved administering two prostaglandin injections with a 14 day interval before applying the initial GnRH dose in protocol OvSynch. The interval between the second prostaglandin injection in the PreSynch program varied (PreSynch-14, PreSynch-12, PreSynch-11, PreSynch-11 and PreSynch). The pregnancy rate can be also improved by introducing GnRH injection before starting the OvSynch program, administered 7, 6 or 4 days before the initial GnRH injection in OvSynch (G7G, G6G, G4G). Higher pregnancy rates, in comparison to the PreSynch-OvSynch program, can be obtained by applying the DoubleOvsynch protocol. In this protocol two OvSynch programs are administered in a 7-day interval. Lately, alternative programs such as DoubleSynch and EstraDoubleSynch have emerged. The DoubleSynch protocol consists in administering PGF2α in day 0, GnRH on the second day, another PGF application on the 9th day, and the second GnRH dose on the 11th day. Artificial insemination is performed in oriented time (TAI). This solution is used in order to achieve a higher percentage of pregnant cows in comparison to the PreSynch+OvSynch protocol. It also enables synchronisation of heat and ovulation, both after the first and the second hormonal treatment of GnRH. In EstraDoubleSynch protocol the second injection of GnRH at the end of the DoubleSynch program is replaced by estradiol benzoate (BE) administration on the 10th day, in order to acquire a higher level of follicle waves synchronisation and ovulation rate. Those programs applied in cow reproduction management can positively influence fertility and boost cow breeding profitability..
Key words: OvSynch, PreSynch, G6G, alternative modifications, cows