Med. Weter. 74, (12), 782-786, 2018

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Analysis of the stress (RYR1) gene and osteochondrosis in wild boars in Lithuania
The aim of the experiment was to determine the RYR1 genotype and to analyse the distribution of osteochondrosis (OC) in wild boars from different regions of Lithuania. Hair and bone samples were collected from wild boars of various sexes and ages that had been shot during hunting season. Genomic DNA was extracted from hair roots. The RYR1 gene was analysed with the PCR-RFLP method, using specific primers and restriction enzymes Alw211 and Hin61. Only one C allele (q = 1.00) and CC genotype of the RYR1 gene were identified. Thus 138 genotyped wild boars were stress-resistant with both dominant alleles intact (no mutation). OC was measured by the cut surface of the distal femur and humerus. The prevalence of OC among the 34 wild boars tested was 20.6%. 5 animals (14.7%) had OC lesions in the hind legs and 2 animals (5.9%) had them in the front legs. OC affected leg joints more often in adult females (third-years and older), but this dependence was not significant (p > 0.05)..
Key words: wild boar, RYR1 gene, osteochondrosis