Med. Weter. 74, (12), 747-750, 2018

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Clinical prognosis and basics of anti-neoplastic therapy
The histopathological examination can be completed by immunohisto(cyto)chemical examination, cytometry or molecular techniques, what allows to determine the statistical probability of metastasis. It improves the patient’s qualification to appropriate individual treatment that can be most effective with fewer side effects. The basis of neoplastic treatment, including multidrug resistance (MDR) was described. I characterize the role of transporters (molecular pumps, e.g. ABC - ATP-binding cassettes, RND, SMR, MFS and P450 – CYP), complication of neoplastic therapy (e.g. myelosuppression, acute tumor lysis syndrome) and minimal residual disease (MRD).
Key words: the clinical prognosis, anti-neoplastic therapy