Med. Weter. 75 (1), 1-64, 2019


Wild boar as the reservoir of pathogens, pathogenic for swine, other species of animals and for humans Pejsak Z., et al. [ summary ] 5
Usefulness of immunohisto(cyto)chemistry, antigens and cell markers detection, in cancer diagnostic and histogenesis Madej J.A. [ summary ] 9
DNA methylation in neoplastic processes and methods for its detection Semik-Gurgul E., Ząbek T. [ summary ] 19
The use of ozone in medicine and veterinary practice Sobczyńska-Rak A., et al. [ summary ] 24
Development and application of genome sequencing in studies on poultry production traits and health Dunisławska A., et al. [ summary ] 30


Behavioral and emotional reactions ponies during accustomed to a new task: work on treadmill Janczarek I., et al. [ summary ] 35
Role of biochemical parameters in prediction of histopathological changes in 24th and 48th hours ... Baj J., et al. [ summary ] 41
Sexual activity of different gilt genotype groups of the Pulawska breed during oestrus Babicz M., et al. [ summary ] 50
Effect of Mycoplasma synoviae strains isolated from the respiratory and reproductive tract of chicken ... Kursa O., et al. [ summary ] 54


Animals in publications of Polish Catholic thinkers of the first half of the twentieth century Smykowski K. [ summary ] 59
Races of animals - European badger Kowalska D., Gugołek A. [ summary ] cover III