Med. Weter. 75 (3), 129-192, 2019

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Quality problems in mechanically separated meat Łaszkiewicz B., et al.[ summary ] 131
Selected aspects of infectious bursal disease – current state of knowledge Pikuła A., et al. [ summary ] 138
Analogies in behavioral and emotional disorders between... Goleman M., et al.[ summary ] 146


Evaluation of acute phase proteins levels and some cytokine... Kozat S., et al.[ summary ] 152
Monitoring of BALB/C strain mice health, investigation of behavior... Žymantiene J., et al. [ summary ] 158
Influence of addition of cobalamin to the extender on post-thaw ... Mizera A., et al. [ summary ] 164
Morphometric and histopathologic evaluation of the effects of cloprostenol ... Gürler H., et al.[ summary ] 169
Analysis of correlation between the detection rate of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae ... Li RC, et al.[ summary ] 175
Effects of three aging methods on Longissimus lumborum muscle from ... Kahraman H.A., et al. [ summary ] 179
Effect of dietary phyto-humic preparations on lipids indices... Bubel F., et al. [ summary ] 185