Med. Weter. 75 (11), 641-704, 2019

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Origin and protection of middle-European bees in Europe Madras-Majewska B., et al. [ summary ] 643
Veterinary necropsy in the light of ethics and law Babińska I., et al. [ summary ] 652
Feline inflammatory bowel disease Stęgierska D., et al. [ summary ] 656


Effect of cage enrichment on the welfare of farmed foxes Łapiński S., et al. [ summary ] 665
Expression of cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript in the pancreas of the European bison Mozel S., et al. [ summary ] 669
First detection and molecular characterization of Kobuvirus from a dog in Turkey Akkutay-Yoldar Z., et al. [ summary ] 673
Investigation of anti-Neospora caninum antibodies and disease-related risk factors in goats Utuk A.E., et al. [ summary ] 678
Importance for experience in human medicine of imaging modalities for macroanatomical ... Dilek O.G.,et al. [ summary ] 684
Diagnostic techniques for the carpal and fetlock joints in horses with arthritis Arıcan M., et al. [ summary ] 693
Effect of iodophor-silicate disinfecting-cleaning agent on the liver function tests, the structure ... Muszyński S., et al. [ summary ] 699