Med. Weter. 75 (2), 121-124, 2019

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Use of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of a tibial fissure fracture in a four-year-old American Quarter Horse gelding: A clinical case
The summary describes a clinical case of a four-year-old American Quarter Horse gelding presented for evaluation of a grade 2-3 (2-3/5) lameness of the right hind limb. The patient underwent a thorough clinical and orthopaedic examination including limb flexion tests and diagnostic anaesthesia. Intra-articular anaesthesia of the stifle joint was impossible because of the uncooperative behaviour of the horse. However, provocation tests and radiographs proved diagnostically inconclusive. Therefore, magnetic resonance imaging of the right stifle was performed, revealing a tibial fissure fracture. The result was diagnostic and surprising, considering the degree and chronic nature of the lameness. Based on the findings of magnetic resonance imaging, the horse underwent surgery by the locking compression technique to restore full limb function. All implants were removed six months after surgery. The gelding returned to training without any signs of lameness..
Key words: equine, stifle lameness, MRI, fissure fracture, tibia