Med. Weter. 75 (2), 125-128, 2019

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Professor Odo Bujwid - from medicine to veterinary medicine
Prof. Odo Bujwid was one of the pioneers of microbiology, prophylaxis and hygiene as well as the precursor of the fight against zoonoses. He was a student of Robert Koch and Luis Pasteur. He propagated the discoveries of these scientists in Poland. In 1885 he established the first bacteriological laboratory in Poland (Warsaw, Wilcza 12). In 1886 he opened a branch of Pasteur’s Institute in Warsaw (the first outside Paris). Following the ideas of Koch he produced a new product, which he called tuberculin and introduced it to the diagnosis of tuberculosis in cattle. He produced many sera and vaccines for medicine and veterinary medicine In the history of medicine and veterinary he enrolled as a pioneer of Polish bacteriology and creator of the biomedical and bioveterinary industries.
Keywords:history of veterinary, rabies, bovine tuberculosis, tuberculin, history of bacteriology