Med. Weter. 75 (10), 609-612, 2019

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Method of dissecting edible snails of the genus Cornu
Snails of the genus Cornu are farm-raised as edible molluscs. Dissection is one of the basic diagnostic tests available in the breeding of these animals, used to determine the cause of death or disease, and to collect material for further laboratory tests. The aim of this article was to present a method for the dissection of snails for veterinary use based on the experience gained from 200 mollusc dissections, and to present a short description of the anatomical structure of snails. The method described is characterized by its speed and simplicity. The observations made during the dissection, as presented in the article provide valuable diagnostic information for veterinarians responsible for care on snail farms.
Keywords: Cornu aspersum aspersum, snail anatomy, snail dissection, edible snail