Med. Weter. 75 (12), 724-726, 2019

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Wild boar as the unlikely source of Aujeszky’s Disease virus for swine
In the introduction of this paper the virological definition of the SuHV-1, the etiological agent of Aujeszky’s Disease (AD) of swine, is presented. The importance of ADas an OIE listed disease is mentioned. The gE- deleted marker vaccine in combination with differentiating infected from vaccinated swine ELISA kit is characterized. It is worth to remember that Poland in 2019 will inform the Veterinary Commission of the EU about the freedom of AD in domestic pigs. The seroprevalence of AD in wild boar is variable, from very high occurrence in Mediterranean countries to low level or not existence in Northern Europe. According to several cited authors two subtypes of ADV are existing and characterised – subtype I in wild boar, not being pathogenic for wild boar, existing also in domestic swine, and subtype II occurring in swine and being for domestic swine very pathogenic. Other genetic data connected with pathogenicity of Aujeszky’s disease virus variants are also mentioned.
Keywords: wild boar, swine, Aujeszky’s disease