Med. Weter. 76 (05), 253-312, 2020

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Selected data on the subject of Coronaviruses with special emphasis on SARS-CoV-2 Pejsak Z., et al.[summary] 258
Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS): a review of knowledge and some practical suggestions about differential diagnosis Ruszkowski J.J. [summary] 263
Uterine inflammatory conditions in dairy cows: Diagnosis and treatment Brodzki P. [summary] 266
Lack of environmental enrichments in shelters for homeless animals... Mamzer H. [summary] 273


Serum anti-Müllerian hormone levels during estrus and diestrus in mares Evkuran Dal G., et al.[summary] 282
Nutritional value of a new type of substitute caviar Maćkowiak-Dryka M., et al. [summary] 285
Determination of activity of selected antioxidant enzymes Turing bosine laminitis, ... Hayat M. A., et al. [summary] 289
Early clinical predictors of diarrhea in the first fifteen days in dairy calves ... Topal O., et al. [summary] 296