Med. Weter. 76 (08), 433-492, 2020

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Effects of Macleaya cordata extract supplemented milk on growth, some biochemical ... Toprak N.N. [ summary ] 435
Role of cat and dog faeces in the contamination of sand playgrounds in public parks ... Gurler A.T., et al. [ summary ] 441
Capsular types, LPS genotypes, and virulence-associated genes of Pasteurella multocida ... Li RC, et al. [ summary ] 446
Effect of the slaughter age and muscle type on some meat qality traits and the fatty ... Akbaş A.A., et al. [ summary ] 451
Zoonimia as a reflection of relationship between humans and animals Karpiński M., et al. [ summary ] 458
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in traditionally smoked products obtained ... Migdał W., et al. [ summary ] 463
Inhibitory effects of different medicinal plants and propolis on growth of some oral... Tambur Z., et al. [ summary ] 476
Phylogenetic analysis of deformed Wing Virus, Black Queen cell virus and acute ... Cagırgan A.A.,et al. [ summary ] 480