Med. Weter. 76 (09), 493-552, 2020

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Transition period and subclinical ketosis in dairy cattle: association with milk prodction Deniz A., et al. [ summary ] 495
Nowe opcje diagnostyczne i terapeutyczne w osteoartrozie u psów Wypych A., et al. [ summary ] 503


Determination of the effect of monensin capsule (continuous release capsule) on metabolic ... Kasap S., et al. [ summary ] 512
Challenges in using anesthesia for open chest and aorta surgery in swine Kowalik M.M., et al. [ summary ] 517
Utility of urinary markers in the assessment of renal dysfunction in dogs with chronic kidney disease Winiarczyk D. [ summary ] 525
Identification and characterization of porcine parvovirus in Hunan province, China Zhao D., et al. [ summary ] 529
Effect of tumbling process and kappa-carrageenan usage on the quality characteristics of meat loaf Telli N., et al. [ summary ] 535
Stan wiedzy właścicieli zwierząt na temat zoofizjoterapii Jastrzębska E., et al. [ summary ] 542


Dodatkowy ząb trzonowy u konia – przypadek kliniczny Górski K., et al. [ summary ] 548