Med. Weter. 76 (11), 613-672, 2020

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Cattle botulism: Understimated epidemiological problem Grenda T., et al. [ summary ] 615
Fatal shooting of a dog by a ricocheting a ball missile during hunting ... Flis M., et al. [ summary ] 621


Effect of activated clinoptilolite and inactive brewer's yeast mixture on loin eye muscle and body ... Esen S., et al. [ summary ] 626
Toxicity level of the tulathromycin on BHK cell culture and the effect on infective titers of foot ... Gülyaz V., et al. [ summary ] 631
Comparision of platelet counts in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) obtained by two methods from dogs Dalğın D., et al. [ summary ] 638
Punicalagin ameliorates spermatological parameters in bisphenol A treated New Zealand ... Yildiz-Gulay O., et al. [ summary ] 641
Investigation of the transport of aflatoxin M1 bythe transporter ABCG2 inbovine mammary epithelial cells Yanying Z., et al. [ summary ] 646
CCL2 affects fat metabolism in liver regeneration by regulating ADRP expression Xing X., Wang H., Zhao L. [ summary ] 652
Detection and identification of pork DNA in feed: Development and validation of a method Weiner A., et al. [ summary ] 656
Effect of two prostaglandin F2α injections administered 24 hours apart on the pregnancy rate of ... Kuru M., et al. [ summary ] 660


Studies on assisted reproductive technology in the 19th and 20th centuries Sobolewski J. [ summary ] 666