Med. Weter. 76 (12), 673-732, 2020

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Effects of health disorders, genetic modifications and new technologies on the welfare of dairy cattle Kołacz R., et al. [ summary ] 675
Role of oncoviruses in the oncogenesis Madej J.A. [ summary ] 684
Characteristics and nutritional value of selected caviar products Maćkowiak-Dryka M., et al. [ summary ] 690
Use of accelerometer end gyroscope in biomechanical studies of horses Becker K., Lewczuk D. [ summary ] 694
Dietary supplements containing silymarin as supportive factor in the treatment of canine hepato-pathies Gogulski M., et al. [ summary ] 700


Qualitative changes in selected dairy products during their shelf life Król J., et al.[ summary ] 709
Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections of carrier pigeons from central Poland in the years 2012–2019 Bartosik J., et al.[ summary ] 714
Influence of air temperature and humidity in the stable on the physiological parameters ... Janczarek I., et al.[ summary ] 718


Atypical angioproliferative benign lesion in a cat: Diagnostic imaging pitfalls Łojszczyk A., et al.[ summary ] 723
Dislocation of the metacarpophalangeal joint in a female red deer: Case report Flis M., et al. [ summary ] 727