Medycyna Wet. 57 (2), 73-148, 2001


Cellulite – a new skin disease in broilers Krasnodębska-Depta A., Koncicki A. [digitized ] 75
Extracellular proteases - ECP of Aeromonas salmonicida and their significance in the pathogensis and immuno-prophylaxis of fish furunculosis
Prost M.
[digitized ] 79
Circovirus infections in swine Stadejek T., Pejsak Z. [digitized ] 83
Etiopathogenesis and pathomorphology of the liver fibrosis and cirrhosis Madej J.A. [digitized ] 87
Mykoplasma bovis mastitis in cows Malinowski E., Pilaszek J. [digitized ] 93
Biopsy of the kidney in dogs and cats Nowicki M., Depta A. [digitized ] 97


Qualitative changes in poultry slaughtered in Poland between 1996-1999 Libelt K. [digitized ] 102
Determination of ivermectin residues in animal tissues and plasma more... Wiśniewska-Dmytrow H., Kozak A. [digitized ] 105
Occurrence of enzootic bovine leukaemia virus in the visceral organs of naturally infected animals Reichert M. [digitized ] 110
Detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) in biological material Paprocka G., Kęsy A. [digitized ] 114
The usefulness of recombinant bovine somatotrophin (rbST) in minimizing lipid metabolism disturbances in cows Bronicki M. [digitized ] 118
Plasma leptin in sheep with single and double ovulation Bobowiec R., Kosior-Korzecka U., Martelli F. [digitized ] 122
Clinical observation on the occurrence of vomiting in healthy cats Mazur J., Nicpoń J., Kajdasz S. [digitized ] 127
Phenotypic analysis of peripheral blood leukocytes in sheep experimentally infected with bovine immunodeficiency virus (BIV) Kozaczyńska B.,
Bicka L., Kuźmak J., Winnicka A.
[digitized ] 129
The kinetics of C-reactive protein concentration in patients with implanted arterial grafts Niedziela P., Michalak J., Kostro K., Gliński Z.,
Wojcicka-Lorenowicz K.
[digitized ] 135