Medycyna Wet. 57 (8), 537-616, 2001


Acute-phase proteins as indicators of diseases in animals Kostro K., Gliński Z., Wojcicka-Lorenowicz K., Krakowski L. [digitized ] 539
Pathophysiological conditions of the prophylaxis and treatment of fatty liver in dairy cows Bronicki M. [digitized ] 543
„Open” vitrification methods and their application in mammalian oocyte and embryo cryopreservation Papis K. [digitized ] 547
Eosinophils in host defence during helminthic infections Schollenberger A., Cywińska A. [digitized ] 552
Health promoting attributes of amarantus (Amaranthus cruentus) Prokopowicz D. [digitized ] 559


An attempt to interpret fertility disturbances in mares Kusy R., Bochniarz M., Śmiech A., Wawron W. [digitized ] 562
Polymorphism of selected microsatellites and their usefulness for paternity control in six dog breeds Klukowska J,, Jankowski T.,
Świtoński M.
[digitized ] 567
Arthroscopy observation of pathological changes in the stifle with cranial cruciate ligament rupture in dogs Adamiak Z., Nowicki M. [digitized ] 571
The presence of BLV in blood and milk of infected cattle Rułka J., Kubiś P., Dereń W., Buzała E. [digitized ] 574.
The results of field somatic cell testing in cows from specialised dairy farms Borkowska D., Różycka G. [digitized ] 578
The influence of the use of P3 Oxy Foam and BluRGard at the time of machine milking on cytological and microbiological quality of milk
Dudko P.
[digitized ] 581
Application of Western Blot to detect bovine leukaemia virus infections using recombinant p24 antigen Bicka L., Kozaczyńska B.,
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[digitized ] 586
The first report of porcine dermatitis and nephropathy syndrome in a pig farm Pejsak Z., Kołodziejczyk P., Kozaczyński W., Stadejek T.,
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[digitized ] 591
Application of IPMA for detection of antibodies to canine distemper virus Borowski A., Kimak I. [digitized ] 595
Application of cDNA probes for detecting and differentiating TGEV RNA Grądzki Z. [digitized ] 598
Isolation and identification of equine herpes virus type 2 (EHV-2) Ruszczyk A., Chmielewska A., Tucholska A., Bańbura M.W. [digitized ] 603
Inhibitory activity of Aeromonas hydrophila F6/95 proteases in the mucus and serum of carps infected with MAI/MAS Guz L. [digitized ] 607