Medycyna Wet. 57 (6), 377-456, 2001


Foot-and-mouth disease – continual threat Kęsy A., Paprocka G., Niedbalski W., Fitzner A. [digitized ] 379
Foot-and-mouth disease 2001 – problem of vaccinating animals Wijaszka T. [digitized ] 383
Foot-and-mouth disease in Great Britain Prost E.K. [digitized ] 386
Medical issues concerning foot-and-mouth disease Prokopowicz D., Siwak E. [digitized ] 387
Possibilities of eliminating porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome in swine herds Pejsak Z. [digitized ] 389
Pathomechanism of amyloidogenic protein’s activity in aetiology of spongiform encephalopathies and Alzheimer’s disease Kosowska B.,
Tokarska M., Januszewski A., Bednarek-Tupikowska G., Zdrojewicz Z.
[digitized ] 394


The incidence of Salmonella spp. in wild boars in Poland Wiśniewski J. [digitized ] 399
Bacterial and mycotic infections in wild rats from various environments Wincewicz E., Klimentowski S., Śmielewska-Łoś E., Jopek Z.,
Kucharczak E.
[digitized ] 402
Amyloidosis in geese Gaweł A.,Madej J.A., Mazurkiewicz M., Stefaniak T., Kuszczyński T., Dzimira S. [digitized ] 408
The nutritional value of cattle blood Bełkot Z. [digitized ] 412
Dissemination of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale (ORT) infection in poultry and turkey in the light of serological investigations Wieliczko A,,
Gaweł A., Kuczkowski M., Mazurkiewicz M.
[digitized ] 415
The course of parturition in Polish Black-and-White and Piemonte cross-breeds Wrona Z., Krzyżanowski J., Krakowski L., Źrebiec G. [digitized ] 420
Effectiveness of selected RNA extraction methods for the detection of TGEV in cell culture and swine faeces using the RT-PCR method
Grądzki Z.
[digitized ] 423
Use of phenotyping techniques of define Actinobacillus pleuropneumo-niae strains Tarasiuk K., Markowska-Daniel I. [digitized ] 427
Pregnancies in heifers after induced poly-ovulation Max A. [digitized ] 433
Effects of crossbreeding native Black-and-White and Red-and-White cattle with Holstein-Friesian cattle in Poland Kuczaj M. [digitized ] 437
Influence of feed mixtures with differentiated degree of fat oxidation degree on Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus (HEV) in turkeys Koncicki A.,
Krasnodębska-Depta A., Zduńczyk Z., Jankowski J., Szarek J., Mazur-Gonkowska B., Guiro S.
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Plasmatic cell proliferation of lymph nodes in the course of enzootic leukaemia in cows (BEL) Madej J.A., Kaszubkiewicz Cz., Sadowski A. [digitized ] 444