Med. Weter. 76 (8), 476-479, 2020

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Zoran Tambur, Biljana Miljković-Selimović, Dolores Opačić, Ema Aleksić, Luka Ivančajić, Bojan Jovičić, Branislava Vuković
Inhibitory effects of different medicinal plants on growth of some oral microbiome member
Oral infections and dental caries are still considered as a serious public health problem. Using the method of minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs), the aim of this study was to investigate the inhibitory effects of 16 plants on the growth of Actinomyces odontolyticus, Streptococcus mitis, Streptococcus sanguinis, Eikenella corrodens, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus mutans. The most effective were ethanol extracts of Rosmarinus officinalis, Salvia officinalis, Thymus vulgaris, Calendula officinalis and Hypericum perforatum. The least efficiency was observed for Acorus calamus extract. Plant extracts could be used in oral health as therapeutic and prophylactic approach or in balancing oral microbiota.
Keywords: medicinal plants, oral cavity bacteria, antimicrobial activity