Med. Weter. 76 (9), 542-547, 2020

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State of animal keepers’ knowledge about zoophysiotherapy
Animal physiotherapy is a field of veterinary medicine that is becoming increasingly popular all around the world. The substantial research that has been done so far not only confirms the numerous positive effects of animal physiotherapy, but also indicates that it is attracting an increasing number of supporters. Convalescence and recovery, difficult as they are for the animal, also require time, consistency and many sacrifices from the owner and the physiotherapist. The animal keepers should be made aware of this fact and if necessary, appropriately motivated and educated. The aim of this study was to assess the state of knowledge about zoophysiotherapy among animal keepers and to determine whether they are willing to use it. The study, based on the authors’ questionnaire, was conducted in Poland among 84 owners of horses and dogs from September to November 2018. The questions asked whether the animal owners had used animal physiotherapy or whether they would use it if needed. The owners were also asked about the types of physiotherapy treatment known to them and about the sources of their knowledge. The analysis of the results suggests that the animal keepers show interest in veterinary physiotherapy, have some knowledge of physiotherapeutic procedures and are willing to use zoophysiotherapy in the future. They do not rely only on information provided by veterinary doctors or physiotherapists, but also use other sources to expand their knowledge in this field.
Keywords: animal physiotherapy, state of knowledge, dog, horse