Med. Weter. 77 (4), 165-218, 2021

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SARS-CoV-2 in animals: Natural and experimental infections Smreczak M., Orłowska A. [ summary ] 167
Vaccines in control of infectious diseases of swine Tarasiuk K. [ summary ] 176
Possibilities of using ultrasonographic fetal biometry in cats Górka A., Ochota M., Niżański W. [ summary ] 183
Comet assay as a method used in research on DNA damage caused by pesticides in fish Księżarczyk M., et al. [ summary ] 189


Expression and distribution of Neuroglobin and Hypoxia-inducible ... Mawolo J.B., et al. [ summary ] 193
Expression of Neuroglobin in the retina of Tibetan sheep and sheep Du X., Liu X., Mawolo J.B. [ summary ] 200
Clinical course of bartonellosis in 24 cats Mazurek Ł., et al.[ summary ] 206
Interpretation of 25-OH-D3, NEFA and Calcium Correlations Among Cow and Calf Pairs Erdogan S., et al.[ summary ] 211