Med. Weter. 77 (9), 423-472, 2021

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Problem of coccidiosis in broiler chickens and laying hens - selected control methods and alternative solutions Fabia K., et al.[ summary ] 425
Nerve supply of the mammary gland Franke-Radowiecka [ summary ] 430


A Morphological Examination of the Domestic Cat’s (Felis catus) Cervicothoracic Ganglion in Ontogenesis Grzeczka A., et al.[ summary ] 437
Determination of Serum Nesfatin-1 Status in Healthy Sheep Aksoy N.H. [ summary ] 442
Evaluation of Cardiopulmonary, Blood Gases and Clinical Effects of Dexmedetomidine-Ketamine ... Yavuz Ü. , et al.[ summary ] 446
Effect of royal jelly used in different methods on puberty of ewe lambs Şengül, Ö., et al. [ summary ] 452
Effect of heat stress on the values of biochemical blood parameters... Lutnicki K.,et al. [ summary ] 456


Cerebral hemorrhage in a dog with immune mediated hemolytic anemia and concurrent thrombocytopenia Çolakoğlu E.Ç., et al.[ summary ] 461


World-famous scientist Leon Tsenkovsky... Zhvanko L., et al.[ summary ] 465