Med. Weter. 77 (12), 573-626, 2021

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Antimicrobial resistance: causes, consequences, diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in modern medicine Nowakiewicz A. et al. [ summary ] 575
Mammalian brain biology in terms of learning and memorizing Bielecka A., et al. [ summary ] 583


Infestation of wild boar meat from the Eastern Lublin province with Alaria mesocercariae Strokowska N., et al. [ summary ] 588
Use of Sorption-Probiotic Feed Additive in the Diet of Cows Aristov A., et al. [ summary ] 594
Changes in noradrenaline and dopamine levels under oxygen debt conditions in the brain of rats ... Markiewicz-Gospodarek A., et al. [ summary ] 599
Effect of organic minerals and alpha-ketoglutarate in pheasant diet on performance, hatchability ... Flis M., et al. [ summary ] 605


Use of computed tomography in the diagnosis of dental disease in domestic rabbits Borawski W., et al.. [ summary ] 612
Clinicopathological findings in an atypical form of suspected necrotizing ... Giza E., Teodorowski P., et al. [ summary ] 615
Diagnostics and therapy of gastric ulcers in dogs – authors’ observations Kubiak K., et al. [ summary ] 618